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Mar 29, 2021

This week Pastor Bailey continues his series called "Powerful Prayers". This weeks prayers is all about "Ask your Daddy" The key points this week are 1. God wants us to ask Him for things. 2. The motive of our heart matters. 3. Our requests can be personal. 4. Ask with Thanksgiving. 5. Our daddy is better and we can...

Mar 22, 2021

This week Pastor Bailey continued his series called "Powerful Prayers". This week he focused on Repentance. The Key Points are 1. Repentance is a prayer that requires action! 2. Repentance touches, moves, and pleases the heart of God! 3. Repentance changes the future! 4. Repentance brings life! We pray this message...

Mar 15, 2021

This week Pastor Bailey opened up a new series called, "Powerful Prayers" and this week he focused on a powerful prayer of blessings from 1 Chronicles 4:10. He walked us thru the one sentence prayer of Jabez. May you be blessed to be a blessing!

Mar 8, 2021

This week Pastor Lacey spoke on The Goodness of God! She encouraged us to see the goodness of God through His Word, through tasting and seeing for ourselves and she reminds us to expect to see His goodness in our lives! God is so good. We hope you enjoy. 

Mar 1, 2021

This week Pastor Bailey closes out our "Catch the Vision" series with a message on our last core value of Excellence. He uses the life of Daniel and his friends as he discusses the ABC's of Excellence: having an A-Attitude of Excellence, B-Boldness to Obey, C-Commitment to Excellence. Go out and Win The Day!