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Jan 30, 2023

This week Pastor Nathanael finished up our three part series on worship.

Key points:

1: How do you steward worship?

2: You only trust Him as much as you know Him!

Key Scriptures 

Psalms, 24

We are praying that this series has blessed you as much as it has us.

Have a wonderful week.

Jan 23, 2023

This week Pastor Bailey spoke on "Presence Driven Worship" through King David's relationship with God.

Key Scriptures:

2 Samuel 6:13-24

2 Samuel 12:16-20

Key points:

1: David's worship was a response to Presence.

 A: (NOT feelings).

2: David's worship was for the One.

3: Pride doesn't worship, it judges those who...

Jan 16, 2023

This week Pastor Lacey imparted a word on our core value of worship.

Key scriptures:

1: Proverbs 29:25 

2: John 8:32

3: Psalm 37:4

4: Revelation 19:10

Praying it blesses you as much as it did us!


Jan 9, 2023

This week Pastor Bailey delivered the directional word for the church.  Get ready to hear an amazing word on being a "Presence Driven" church/people.

Key points:

1. Aware of His Presence

2. Led by His Presence

3. Hungry for His Presence

Praying you have a "Presence Driven" year.